How is the taxation calculated for a historical monument rented out on a seasonal basis ?

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The income received for the seasonal rental of a historical monument must be declared no matter what may be the amount collected. But how does one conciliate the regulations pertaining to historical monuments with furnished rentals ? 

Quelle est la fiscalité pour un monument historique loué en saisonnier ?
The possibility of amortizing a property is only offered to owner-lessors who fall under the « régime réel » taxation. © papinou

What is the taxation for owners who rent out furnished dwellings ?

Since the 1st of January 2017, renting out furnished dwellings in an occasional manner or on a full time basis is qualified as commercial. The rents collected must be declared and added to industrial and commercial benefits. Owners of furnished dewellings, who declare their rent in the actual « régime réel », can deduct expenses incured in terms of the real amounts (loan interests, insurance, real estate tax, management expenses, accounting fees). They can also amortize their investment, that is deducted from their incomes, corresponding to 2 % of the acquisition price if the building's duration use spans 50 years. Through this bias, the loss of value pertaining to the real estate property is taken into account. In the same way, furniture and fittings can be amortized over 5 or 10 years amounting to an amortizement between 5 and 20 %. The possibility of amortizing real estate property is only offered to owner-lessors who are under the actual « régime réel » taxation and not those under the micro-BIC system.

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It is possible for an owner who rents out furnished dwellings to switch from the micro-BIC system to the actual « régime réel » taxation if the amount of improvement work to be undertaken is important (more than 50 % of the rental amounts). The SAPIN law, of the 9th of December 2016, has modified the obligation to remain in the « régime réel » taxation system during 1 year and no longer 2 years. 

What about a classified historical homestead ?

In 2011, since there was no specific regulation, the question was presented to the government during a session at the National Assembly. Can an owner-lessor deduct from his rental income the cost for work requested by the architect of historical monuments ? These costs are excluded from the usual expenditures since they increase the value of the building or extend its normal duration of usage. They can be deducted from the amortizement pertaining to this building.

Legal references

Answer AN N°83892 dated 29/03/2011

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