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Apartment terraces: the luxury of a private outdoor space

The terrace is a private outdoor space that adds great value to an apartment. It should not be confused with a balcony, loggia or patio.

Apartment terraces: the luxury of a private outdoor space


Terraces are architectural features that extend out from an apartment building. These recreational spaces can often function as separate rooms. Owners might transform them into sun rooms, gardens, or outdoor dining spaces to be enjoyed in warmer weather. Classified as examples of upscale real estate, these luxury apartments featuring a terrace for sale in Île-de-France are some buyers’ idea of the perfect home.

Overlooking Rue de Longchamp, in Paris (75016)

Life on the seventh floor of a residential building built in 1925 and located on one of the capital’s most elegant streets means an unobstructed panoramic view in a neighbourhood where Haussmannian-style buildings can be found alongside a number of luxury town homes.

View of the Eiffel Tower and the Bois de Boulogne park

This is the backdrop of this luxury apartment for sale in the 16th arrondissement of Paris featuring a 123 m² terrace. The 268 m² duplex includes a living room with an open-plan kitchen, a family room, four bedrooms, four bathrooms, an office, and an outdoor Jacuzzi.

A terrace apartment across from the Centre Pompidou (75003)

In Old Paris, the hip and fashionable Marais, Rambuteau, and Beaubourg districts still hold on to their historical charm. The highly sought-after luxury apartments for sale are conveniently located in the middle of the city.

Reside in a beautiful old building

Calm and respectable, this 89 m² duplex features a large living room/dining room, an open-style kitchen, four bedrooms, two bathrooms, two parking lots, and a 25 m² open-air terrace that features a view of Paris’ major monuments.

On the second floor of a 17th-century Parisian residential building (75006)

Some Parisians swear by the Left Bank, believing that the fashionable, village-like atmosphere of its neighbourhoods have managed to hold on to the city’s old-fashioned authenticity. This is generally the case between Saint-Germain-des-Prés and Luxembourg Garden.

Bohemian spirit on all floors

This building is home to a 138 m² apartment with a private and utterly romantic 12 m² terrace. It includes a large living room, dining room, kitchen, three bedrooms, two bathrooms, and an office tucked into a shady, courtyard-level terrace.

The prestige of a terrace apartment, in Neuilly-sur-Seine (92200)

Located between the Bois de Boulogne park and the Sablons business district, this charming city is one of a kind. With its prestigious reputation, it has a lot to offer to anyone in the market who is looking for a luxury terrace apartment in Hauts-de-Seine.

A sun-soaked family apartment

This luxury 1980s apartment building features a sunny duplex with 215 m² of floor space, six bedrooms, a dine-in kitchen, four bedrooms, four bathrooms, and a 100 m² ground-floor living space just for you!

A rooftop terrace in the Chaillot neighbourhood (75016)

Dotted with embassies and town homes, this region in west Paris is one of the calmest and most fashionable in the 16th arrondissement. It features a large number of offices and is highly sought-after by savvy investors.

The calm of a private no-through road

If you’re in the market for a great place to live, check out this 284 m² penthouse. Once past the entryway, you’ll find four bedrooms with en-suite bathrooms, a fully equipped kitchen, two parking lots, and a 80 m² tree-lined terrace.

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