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An Art Nouveau villa in a landscaped park of Vaucresson

Flagship of imposing bourgeois Hauts-de-Seine homesteads in Vaucresson, this Art Nouveau villa is nestled in a landscaped park.

An Art Nouveau villa in a landscaped park of Vaucresson


Well-known as sheltering some of the wealthiest cities in France, the Hauts-de-Seine department is a hot bed of deluxe real estate. The mid-town of Vaucresson, a township with an exceptional standard of living in the Île-de-France region, is thus an open-sky museum comprising charming manors and dream villas around the replica of George Washington's former residence.

Vaucresson in Art Nouveau mode

It's in a very quiet neighborhood that this villa, built during the 19th century, in the Art Nouveau style, is hidden. The hilly 1,400 m² plot of land is a testimony to the green thumb of its owners, also showcasing Gothic style slanted roofs and lancet windows that mark its architecture.

Villa Vaucresson dining room
A successful mix between tradition and modernity, this dining room opens up onto the park. © DR
Villa Art Nouveau Vaucresson living room
Under high ceilings, the living room features a contemporary fireplace that matches perfectly with its decor. © DR

10 rooms nestled in a flowery garden 

Its built surface extends on 3 levels, connected by a staircase in Art Deco mosaics. Its pleasant liveable 330 m² unfold into 10 rooms, including a triple reception, a double living room with parquet floors, mouldings and fireplace, a bar area, a big dining room and a parental suite with a private balcony. A small domain to admire from the lawns of an enclosed garden filled with flowers.

Villa Art Nouveau Vaucresson bedroom
Spacious enough to accomodate a table, the balcony of the master bedroom is perfect for a ceremonial breakfast. © DR

The incredible charm of Île-de-France villas

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