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Becoming a Left Bank owner, in the very private mansion of the Hôtel de Maillebois

Becoming a Left Bank owner, in the very private mansion of the Hôtel de Maillebois

Between Bac and Grenelle, the private mansion of Hôtel de Maillebois will allow you to finally become an owner on the Parisian Left Bank. A unique privilege!

Why choose between the Left Bank and the Right Bank? If you already own a property in the Golden Triangle of Paris, near the Places Vendôme, Madeleine or Vosges, treat yourself to a small real estate gift on the other side of the Seine. Calmer, secret, aristocratic, here you can step back in time and the capital becomes more authentic.

On the Left Bank, in sole ownership

Push open the heavy coach doors to penetrate in a universe tinted wtih elegance, such as the courtyard of the private mansion of the Hôtel de Maillebois, built during the 17th century and the residence of the Duc de Saint-Simon and Madame de Staël. There, behind the buttress facades, a lovely flat awaits the one who will purchase it in the near future.

Apartment Bac/Grenelle living room
Exposed wooden and metallic beams are in perfect harmony inside this spacious double living room. © DR
Apartment Bac/Grenelle office and music room
Spread out on 2 levels, the library overlooks the music room which you can also use as an office. © DR

A not-to-be-missed luminous nugget

Spanning 245 m², from the garden to the upper level, the 7 rooms of this golden nugget in the 7th feature handsome volumes and absolute calm. They shelter 5 rooms, including a double reception, a mezzanine-office, a master suite, and in the renovated basement, a home cinema. So make a bid as soon as possible before someone else gets it before you…

Apartment Bac/Grenelle bedroom
In the bedroom floats a countryside feeling, at the heart of the capital. © DR

Rediscovering the other facet of Paris, the Left Bank

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