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A charming pocket villa inside the forest of Schoten, in Flanders

A charming pocket villa inside the forest of Schoten, in Flanders

Green lung of Flanders, in Belgium, the forest of Schoten is sprinkled with a wide array of charming pocket villas awaiting just you.

A charming pocket villa inside the forest of Schoten, in Flanders


Small is beautiful! This concept is admirably showcased in the commune of Schoten, not very far from from the metropolis of Antwerp. It's a peaceful site, known since the high Middle-Ages by nature lovers for its château surrounded by a moat, but also for its proximity with 2 canals and Flemish forests making it a very green countryside, where small charming villas are scattered.

Living in the forest of Schoten, in Flanders

And it's in the leafy underwood of the region, sheltered from onlookers, that is hidden this house with slate rootops mingling with the trees of the domain. Bordered by a terrain of 2,000 m², its 3 levels comprise 320 m² of liveable surface cleverly implemented to look out onto the garden view, while optimizing vital space dedicated to a daily family life style.

Villa Schotenhof entrance
The majestic entrance previews other handsome surprises once the arcade is crossed. © DR
Villa Schotenhof dining counter
Around the convenient kitchen counter, the dining area is ideal for a quick lunch. © DR

Heart throb for an attaching home sweet home

The heart throb begins at the entrance. Luminous and spacious, it leads into a salon divided between a televison corner and a reception area with a fireplace, ideal to enjoy a nice traditional crackling wood-burning fire. On the side, the dining room is next to the kitchen, and close to the office. The four bedrooms are to be discovered on the upper level, as well as the large attic of this very endearing pocket villa.

Villa Schotenhof living room
Here, the communicating rooms give the impression of a large interior volume. © DR
Villa Schotenhof bedroom
The theatrical bedroom privileges the functional amenities of contemporary confort. © DR

Inside a setting of greenery, in Flanders

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