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A château in Belgium, upscale real estate on the other side of the French border

A château in Belgium, upscale real estate on the other side of the French border

To be part of cosmopolitan nobility, might as well aim high and purchase a château. Belgium offers a wide array of upscale properties whose real estate values are sure to increase over the years.

A château in Belgium, upscale real estate on the other side of the French border


Our neighbor of the north is blessed with hundreads of manors, medieval forts and noble homesteads of leisure that are a testimony to passing centuries. On this land with an important  patrimony, comprising the largest number of properties by the kilometer in the world, historical nuggets in good condition are part of the dream. The list of castles for sale in Beligum is very long, across all regions, from Flanders to Wallonia.

A homage to knighthood, in Sint-Pieters-Voeren (3792)

In the province of Limbourg, this region next to the Netherlands is known for its Commanderie des Chevaliers Teutoniques, with its towers, its dungeons and high facades in brick. A landmark that incites to buy  an exceptional property in Belgium.

Modern comfort after a recent renovation

On a 12 hectares plot of land, this property spans a livable surface of 2,900 m², including reception rooms with fireplaces, 1 fitted kitchen, 10 bedrooms, 8 bathrooms, 1 caretaker's apartment, 1 independent guest house, 1 farm and 1 pool.

A Belgian dream castle, in Lasne (1380)

Amongst the most coveted villages of the Brabant-Wallon province, Lasne benefits from the image of a preserved posh suburb. Just 40 minutes from Brussels, the area is teeming with properties offering a bucolic environment, including this 1918 château with very handsome reception spaces.

An estate perfectly kept up by its owners

In a park with 8 hectares of woods and ponds, it features 2,000 m² of livable space: living rooms bordered with terraces, 9 bedrooms, 7 bathrooms, 1 cellar, 1 attic, 1 home cinema, 2 private apartments, 20 parking spaces, 1 Spa and 1 indoor pool.

The flagship of the Liège province, in Pepinster (4860)

Next to the cities of Liege, Maastricht, Aix la Chapelle, and the natural reserve of « Hautes Fagnes », the château of Tribomont dates back to 1873. Nestled at the heart of nature, it stands atop a hill, amidst woods and fields on a 7.5 hectares plot of land.

A spacious upper level apartment

Recently renovated, it spans an entire surface of 850 m². Its living space comprises rooms serving as reception areas, 1 dining room with access to the garden, 1 kitchen, 10 bedrooms, 6 bathrooms, 1 office, 6 parking spaces and 1 sauna.

The combination of luxury and authenticity, in Forest (1190)

In the southern outskirts of Brussels, Forest is a township know for its tennis tournament, its musical concerts and its superb properties, hidden behind gates that reveal none of the shapes, nor the luxury of their installations.

A private and efficient conciergerie

This 1968 château is established on a park of 4,900 m². Renovated in 2019, it offers 900 m² of living space, formal reception and dining rooms, 1 professional kitchen, 6 bedrooms, 6 bathrooms, 1 playroom, 1 office, 10 parking spaces, 1 pool and 1 sauna.

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