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Château Bellac, a noble site at the frontier of Pays d'Oc

Château Bellac, a noble site at the frontier of Pays d'Oc

At the northern frontier of Pays d'Oc, the origins of château de Bellac go back to 12th century nobility.

Château Bellac, a noble site at the frontier of Pays d'Oc


Between the regions of Pays d'Oc and Marche du Limousin, the Vienne department comprises many châteaux and manors. The small township of Bellac, native town of writer Jean Giraudoux, surrounded by hills, valleys and rivers, still retains the souvenir of the Middles Ages. At a time when coins were minted in the shadow of the fortifications protecting the kingdom of France from English Aquitaine.

Bellac, the nobility of a château with good origins

This solid landmark, erected in the 17th century, is located on the outskirts of these postcard images and placed on a landscaped park of 2 hectares. It comprises a main rectangular building, flanked by two round towers, that form, with the outbuildings—including a barn transformed into a guest house of 220 m²— a pretty indoor courtyard, closed by an entrance porch.

Château Bellac exterior
Outdoors, several courtyards are organized to take advantage of balmy weather. © DR
Château Bellac stairs and libarry
A granite staircase and well stocked bookshelves are a testimony to the wealth of the homestead. © DR
Château Bellac dining room
With its authentic style, the dining room seems not to have changed since it was first installed. © DR

Period objects and a gentle lifestyle in a green paradise

With a liveable surface spanning 400 m² on 2 levels, the facade opens up onto a granite staircases. The ground floor unveils, for its part, a kitchen ornamented with a fireplace enhanced by an enameled stove. The room extends into a living room and a dining room topped by French style ceilings, while on the upper level, the 3 bright bedrooms are facing nature. A virgin landscape filled with poetry…

Château Bellac living room
Under exposed beams, the comfortable living room is filled with furniture and precious objects. © DR
Château Bellac bedroom
« Totally vintage », these elegant rooms are wide and relaxing. © DR

A romantic château, at the heart of deepest France

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