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The Château de Blancafort : the Magic of a Fortified Manor House in Berry

The Château de Blancafort : the Magic of a Fortified Manor House in Berry

Standing in the village which has borne its name since the 15th century, the château de Blancafort is one of the best-preserved properties in the whole of Berry.

The Château de Blancafort : the Magic of a Fortified Manor House in Berry


Built on what was originally the site of an 11th century manor, this solid castle and the lands it dominates were initially the property of a court noble. In the heart of the « Pays-Fort », a fertile region in the administrative department of the Cher, the castle has a beautiful brick-finish and rises on the banks of the Sauldre. It sits in a park of 17 hectares enriched with a French formal garden.

Blancafort, a Fortified Castle in Berry

The property, with its Romanesque turrets and Baroque facade, came into the possession of the Parisian decorator, Alban de Montjou, through a family inheritance. He gaves the castle its present lustre, a very fine collection of period furniture, Hungarian parquet floors, Regency wood-panelling and Gobelins tapestries to finish out the historical references.

Château Blancafort facades - Berry
The rear of the castle reserves a surprise as it is entirely different from the main entrance. © DR
Château Blancafort courtyard - Berry
The courtyard with its beautiful arcades has seen many carriages pass by over the centuries. © DR
Château de Blancafort - Berry
From the entrance, the coats of armour in the corridor bring us back in time. © DR

Princely Pomp beside the Vines

The living space extends over 2100 m², added to which there is a dwelling intended for the concierge. The rooms include a library, a tea salon, a reception room of 250 m² and a guesthouse with six bedrooms. All that and only 30 minutes from the vineyards of Sancerre.

Château Blancafort dining room
Please be seated, the table has been set in front of the fire. © DR
Château Blancafort living room
The salon’s furniture tells the story of the centuries. © DR
Château de Blancafort bedroom exposed beams
This homely and warm bedroom with its exposed beams is a refuge on long winter’s nights. © DR

Gentle living in the land of One Thousand and One castles.

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