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Châteaux in Auvergne, the remarkable old stones of a legendary region

Witnesses of Medieval sagas, the venerable old stones of the châteaux in Auvergne hang from the mountains of a legendary land.

Châteaux in Auvergne, the remarkable old stones of a legendary region


Poorly served by the air, road or train transportation networks, but which pleases those in favor of ecology, this region at the centre of  France is known just as much for its harsh winter climate as for its mild summers. Along a rugged mountain bedrock, extinct volcanos and deep plains, this formerly tumultuous land has become the haven of peace we know today. However, it has not delivered all its prestigious real-estate secrets, especially in the eyes of investors considering the wide array of châteaux for sale in Auvergne.

Traditions, tourism and patrimony

This handsome region comprises four departements: Cantal with its ski resorts, its viaducts dear to Gustave Eiffel, its lakes and cheese, the Allier, former province of the Bourbonnais, which imposed itself as a thermal destination, but also the Haute-Loire and its Natura 2000 Network, as well as châteaux for sale in the Puy-de-Dôme, the summit of a Massif Central known for its Michelin guide Bibendum and the Vulcania amusement park, which enabled Auvergne to step directly into the 21st century.

Auvergne, land of great men

These historical lands have produced several prominent figureheads in France. The first one is Paul Doumer, symbol of the IIIrd Republic in the 30s. Another native of Auvergne also held the highest functions during the 20th century: Georges Pompidou. Born in the Cantal village of Montboudif, he also happens to be at the origin of a famous Parisian museum bearing his name. Closer to us, Valéry Giscard d'Estaing occupied the Palais de l'Elysée from 1974 to 1981. And let's not forget the close relationships established in Corrèze by Jacques Chirac, former owner of Bity, one of the most good looking châteaux in France.

On the road of historical châteaux

Known for its hearty gastronomy, this region showcases its aristocratic homesteads in landscaped parks. Historical monuments for some, they are sprinkled between dynamic cities with improved access and some of the  most handsome villages in France. The most famous are grouped along a  "Historical Road", comprising 43 properties filled with charm, to be visited or discovered more intimately during a hotel stay, for the weekend. Others are concentrated around Vichy, Montluçon, Le Puy-en-Velay, Moulins, Riom, Salers, Aurillac, Chaudes-Aigues, Thiers, Issoire, Saint-Flour, la Bourboule and Châtel-Guyon. And to reveal an insider secret, be aware that châteaux for sale in Clermont-Ferrand, the capital of Auverge, are known to be the most prestigious…

Historical strongholds enshrined in future projects

The average price of a château in Auvergne is of €1,132,152 .

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