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Châteaux in the Calvados, the precious gems of Normandy

Châteaux in the Calvados, the precious gems of Normandy

Like a necklace of precious gemstones, châteaux in the Calvados address themselves to modern-day knights and fair ladies who are bewitched by their charms.

Châteaux in the Calvados, the precious gems of Normandy


Witnesses of powerful noble families in the region, these patrimonial landmarks, with unsuspected secrets, harmoniously mingle stone, wood and brick. At the heart of the Normandy farmland, facing long beaches or at the doors of typical villages, the châteaux for sale in the Calvados have sustained passing time by making sure to be more and more attractive. And only 2h from the capital, their majestic side is still a source of dreams…

Inside a 13th century historical monument, in Lasson (14740)

In a peaceful township on the outskirts of Caen, appreciated for its proximity to the coast, there exists a place that has preserved all its magic thanks to the protection guranteed by its status as historical monument, testimony to its architectural wealth.

The charm and authenticity of a unique property

Spanning 15 hectares, this Norman flagship offers 1150 m² of living space. It's organized around 13 rooms, 5 bedrooms, 1 large dining room with stone colonnades, 1 Renaissance kitchen, 1 vaulted cellar, 1 apartment of 90 m², 1 basin and the ruins of a 14th century mill.

A château between prairies and orchards, in Falaise (14700)

At 45 minutes from Cabourg and Deauville, this property comprises 6 buildings, including a main body surrounded by a water-filled moat. Its origins go back to the years 1000, and it stands on 20 hectares of woods, with 1 landscaped park, 1 dovecot and 1 chapel.

An imposing noble homestead

And amongst the châteaux for sale in Falaise, it offers a livable surface of 800 m², with 20 rooms, 3 living rooms, 11 bedrooms, 1 dining room, 1 professional kitchen, 1 office, several large outbuildings and 2 ponds—all in the purest Venitian style.

A former noble homestead in Deauville (14800)

Amongst the most beaufiul châteaux for sale in Deauville, this 15th century historical monument is located only 150 kilometers from the capital. Its architectural stamp presents an attractive silhouette, while its domain extends over more than 42 hectares.

A French style garden and a vegetable garden

With a livable surface of 900 m², the ensemble comprises 20 rooms, 4 living rooms and a series of adjoining reception rooms, 1 dining room, 1 fitted kitchen, 12 bedrooms, 1 office, 1 billards room, 1 indoor pool and 1 chapel decorated with mural paintings.

The château lifestyle in the Calvados, south of Caen (14000)

Nearby the main city of Calvados, between the Suisse Normande and the Pays d'Auge, this region has enriched its historical and cultural patrimony thanks to this elegant 16th century château in freestone, established on 10 hectares of landscaped park.

Near an animated city 

The 500 m² of living space in the château comprise 10 rooms, 2 reception rooms with wood paneling and period fireplaces, 1 kitchen, 8 bedrooms, 1 office/library, 1 apartment of 100 m², 1 stable, 1 dovecot, 1 open pool and 1 closed-in vegetable garden.

The charms of a 17th century marquisate, in Bougy (14089)

Surrounded by moats filled with water from a natural spring, a park of 34 hectares and a large central alley, this stately homestead, highlighted by proud pavilions, is classified at the supplementary inventory of historical monuments.

A regularly upkept property

Built in 1800, its 500 m² of living spaces comprise 12 walk-through rooms with wall panelings and period fireplaces opening up on a park, 7 bedrooms, 3 bathrooms, stables, paddocks, 1 caretaker's house, garages, 1 dovecot, 1 vegetable garden and 1 hothouse.

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