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Discover the « Ateliers Vaugirard » two new exceptional addresses at the heart of the 15th arrondissement in Paris!

Icade and Emerige have teamed up with the RATP to create a complete district between the Rues Lecourbe, Desnouettes and Croix-Nivert, combining prestigious apartments, shops and public amenities.



Ateliers Vaugirard, the upscale address of the 15th arrondissement in Paris

Located only 400 m from the Rue de la Convention, 500 m from the Lourmel metro station (line 8) and 4 min by car to the Boulevard Périphérique, the « Ateliers Vaugirard » benefit from an ideal location making daily life easy for its inhabitants thanks to the immediate proximity of shops, schools and venues of leisure. It's here at the heart of this lively and gregarious district that Icade and Emerige have mobilized all their know-how, not in the same residence, but in two residences of exception with a contemporary architecture, featuring remarkable apartments—from large studios to 5 rooms, ideal for families.

A transformed industrial islet

106 years after their implementation, the « Ateliers Vaugirard » have undergone a metamorphosis. Organized around a new street, this ambitious industrial real estate project will be offering the creation of an entire new district.

A unique housing project in two chapters

In order to offer new upscale amenities to its residents, while meeting exacting specifications, the implementation of the Ateliers Vaugirard housing project is articulated around two new contemporary entities:

Chapitre I, a residence with horizontal lines, ornamented with metal

Remarkable by its facade with gilded overtones, the « Chapitre I » residence blends in with harmony thanks to its height, similar to the buildings on the Rue Lecourbe side, featuring a contemporary silhouette streamlined on the last floors—designed like bleachers. Whether one wishes to settle in alone, as a couple, or with a family, all the options are possible. Indeed, the residence offers a wide range of apartments—from the large studio to a family-style 5 room space, on one floor or as a duplex. Each apartment thus benefits from a very specific night space,  distinct from the main living space, but also an open kitchen, and large bay windows in order to enjoy the outdoor spaces. All the apartments come with a generous outdoor surface (balcony or terrace) spanning 20 m² on the average, while certain privileged apartments also have views on the Eiffel Tower...

Chapitre II, a residence with rounded-out, airy and vegetal lines

The Chapitre II residence offers a very special architectural style with rounded-out lines, enhanced by vegetal and glass elements on the facade. A very distinctive signature, revealed by transparent safety railings and large bay windows. At the heart of this second Ateliers Vaugirard residence, the apartments also come in many different sizes: from the studio to the 5 room family-style space, on the same level or as a duplex. Each property benefits from optimized surfaces and many openings which allow a maximum of luminosity to circulate. At the heart of the residence, nature also plays an important role since certain apartments open at each level on generous outdoor spaces with greenery: balconies, terraces, patios and winter gardens... a rare privilege in Paris!

The Ateliers Vaugirard, exacting amenities

  • Sales space: 269 rue Lecourbe 75015 Paris 
  • Open every day from 2pm to 7pm
  • For additional information: 01 78 91 37 05 or
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