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Ertbrugge Castle offers a secluded opportunity outside of Antwerp

Ertbrugge Castle offers a secluded opportunity outside of Antwerp

Located between the cities of Antwerp and Wijnegem, in the northern tip of Belgian Flanders, Ertbrugge Castle is a secluded site that dates back to the 18th century.

Not far from downtown Antwerp, easily accessible from the highway, and just 8 km from the Deurne Airport, Ertbrugge Castle nevertheless gives off an impression of seclusion thanks to its surrounding canals, moats, and private, 11-hectare park. This former home of leading families from the bourgeoisie features a traditional facade, a porch with Doric columns, and a balcony.

A private experience in Belgium’s Ertbrugge Castle

The property is located within a 40-hectare estate and includes prairies, fields, woods, and orchards. Topped with a conical, slate roof, the castle is located at the top of a garden that includes an outbuilding that can house staff or a caretaker. A long pathway leads to the entrance.

Ertbrugge castle entrance hall
As soon as you enter the property, you can tell it was once home to illustrious people. © DR
Ertbrugge castle meeting room
If you need to have a staff meeting, this room can be arranged in a variety of ways to suit your needs. © DR

All the trappings of the Belgian bourgeoisie

You’ll have to step inside to fully appreciate the estate’s layout on all three of its floors as well as its 1 100 m² of living space. The ground floor includes an entryway, three meeting rooms, and two offices, while the second floor features six extra rooms. The basement includes a kitchen and a dining room, and an attic space offers additional space as well. The property is truly hard to resist.

Ertbrugge castle office
At Ertbrugge, you could be making all your important decisions from this office. © DR

The secret address of luxury real estate, in Antwerp

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