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Esprit Loft, the link between past and future by Jean-Michel Wilmotte

Esprit Loft, the link between past and future by Jean-Michel Wilmotte

Urbanist, designer, architect Jean-Michel Wilmotte imagined the Esprit Loft real estate concept as a link betwen past and future, in Deauville.

 Esprit Loft, the link between past and future by Jean-Michel Wilmotte


For the French architect, Esprit Loft pays homage to Norman identity. It's an ode to a contemporary architectural style, where well-being and design are in symbiosis. Nestled in their environment, his villas are created in the tradition of a know-how where properties inspire his volumes, the garden or the roof-terrace with light-filled interiors. And this immediately triggers the desire to buy a house for sale in Deauville.

A prestigious real estate program on the Côte Fleurie

« Starchitect » of the most elegant seashore resort of the Côte Fleurie, Jean-Michel Wilmotte is the one leading institutions want by all means. Amongst his many creations, he is the author of the Champs Elysées urban furniture in 1994, the restructuration of the Collège de France, tramways in Orléans, Lyon and Valenciennes, the Islamic Art museum in Doha, Qatar, the implementation of the LVMH headquarters, the F Station and the Russian Church, Left Bank. This summer, he has taken on a new challenge.

Architectural lines in their purest state

With this projet, buying a deluxe house in Lower-Normandie becomes a real pleasure. These villas, with a minimalist geometry, offer a harmony of materials, between mineral and metal, both elegant and modern, enhanced by majestic bay windows. As for the brick, it enables to prolong the local Norman style, with openings inspired by artists’ateliers, stemming from the heritage left by the painters who made the region famous.

A keen sense of comfort and elegance

Here, no concessions have been made, the contrasting overtones are a model of elegance, coveying to this collection of prestigious goods a unique artistic sense of creation. Esprit Loft was most generous in terms of high celings, up to 3.50 meters, and regarding the clever implementation of these 5 town houses—here a notable space of quality was created, with the impression of evolving in a New York loft, right next to the sea. As soon as the project went public, there was keen interest in the region as well as in the capital.

Ensembles providing long term projections

Faubourg Immobilier and the Wilmotte & Associés architecture cabinet work together to conceive the slightest  details, as well as the exceptional amenities they will offer to the buyers. The premises feature a careful interior design, with the installation of a private elevator and sliding doors that convey a modern a industrial style opening towards the exterior with an iconic terrace and lawns ornamented with local trees, such as maritime pines.

A rooftop with the allures of a vegetal painting 

In all intimacy, the outside features a 30 m² rootop with a view on the hills of Trouville. It's the cherry on the cake of this unusual real estate program, located on the Touques peninsula. Implanted in a new district of Deauville with remarkable assets, between the harbor and the Casino, next to the train stations, beaches and midtown, has made this venue into a unique living area. And in addition, it highly encourages buyers to consider investing in a house for sale in the Calvados.

The streamlined design of architect houses

These properties are offered by

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