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A Floating Glass House on Miami’s Coast

Created by French company Arkup, this floating glass house is the first in a series about to anchor along Miami Beach.

A Floating Glass House on Miami’s Coast


Much more than a house bobbing along with the waves, this revolutionary design is more like a live-in luxury yacht. Built to withstand the storms and hurricanes that frequently ravage this part of the States, French creators, Nicolas Derouin and Arnaud Duguet, say this new real estate product can be a main residence or a mobile secondary home.

A Fleet of Floating Houses along Miami Beach

Offering a unique lifestyle on the water, this high-tech innovation, built by Dutch architect Koen Olthuis, is fully-powered by solar energy which is plentiful in the region. Residents of this house boat can live there totally off the grid. And when transformed into a house on stilts, it can serve as an event space, restaurant, or even an art gallery.

Floating house Arkup living area - Miami
In the living area, natural and artificial light fuse to create a bright and lofty atmosphere. © DR
Floating house Arkup bedroom - Miami
Residents don’t even have to get out of bed to enjoy spectacular views of the sea. © DR

A New-Age House Boat with Endless Possibilities

This floating house can move at 12 km/h and has four bedrooms, a kitchen, living area with panoramic views, gym/hot tub, and a modular open-air balcony so you can dive into the Floridian waters at any time. You can add as many options as you like to make it even more luxurious !

Floating house Arkup anchorage marina - Miami
Presented at the latest International Boat Show in Fort Lauderdale, the house can be anchored at any marina. © DR

A visionary concept for an alternative way of living in the future

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