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In the French formal gardens at Château du Grand Lucé

Nestled between the city and the countryside, the 18th century Château du Grand Lucé boasts one of the most beautiful formal gardens in the department of Sarthe.

In the French formal gardens at Château du Grand Lucé


Château du Grand Lucé is one of the largest estates in Pays de la Loire. It was built in 1760 for Louis XV's intendant, on the outskirts of Le Mans in Sarthe. The statues dotted across the 30 hectare site are exact replicas of those at the Palace of Versailles and were given to him by the king. The property has been registered on the French Supplementary Historic Monument List since 1998.

The gardens at Château du Grand Lucé

In its day, the château welcomed visitors such as Voltaire, Rousseau and Diderot who would often stay to discover the wonders of its natural surroundings. With formal, exotic and kitchen gardens, a forest, pond and meadow, the estate employs a team of seasoned landscapers to maintain its old-worldly charm. They toil away, catering to the owner’s wishes, a well-known American interior designer.

Château du Grand Lucé gardens
The gardens feature decorative greenery and immaculately manicured lawns. © DR
Château du Grand Lucé decoration
The grand staircase and drawing room filled with valuable antiques are in themselves a step back in time. © DR

Refined 17th century decor

The interiors of the castle are just as luxurious as the gardens. The white tufeau limestone walls enclose 2 150 m² of space over two storeys connected by a grand staircase. In total, there are 20 rooms : two reception rooms with carved marble fireplaces, two dining rooms, a library and 15 decorated bedrooms. Another building overlooking the outbuildings courtyard features an exhibition hall, swimming pool, gym and chapel. There’s certainly enough to keep the well-heeled guests of this world entertained.

Château du Grand Lucé bedroom
This well-appointed bedroom displays neo-classical style which suits it down to a tee. © DR

A beautiful green backdrop, bearing witness to the meaning of French history

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