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A home in Cap Ferret, a charming asset in the Bordeaux region

A home in Cap Ferret, a charming asset in the Bordeaux region

Only in the Bordeaux region, and Cap Ferret in particular, can you purchase a charming home in the sun and yet also make a good investment.

A home in Cap Ferret, a charming asset in the Bordeaux region


Located between Arcachon Bay and the Atlantic Ocean, this narrow peninsula is one of the most sought-after locations in southwestern France when it comes to luxury home purchases. Buying a luxury home in Cap Ferret means taking a holiday in the region’s colourful ambiance and sea-salt flavours every time you go home—and belonging to an exclusive club.

A villa that’s close to the beach, in Cap-Ferret

To provide its residents with the most peaceful setting possible, this house was built in 2010 not far from the « Beach of the Americans », named after the US Navy base that was once located there during the First World War. The estate features a panoramic view of the Dune of Pilat.

The ideal place to spend a dream vacation

The villa is ideally situated, far away from any hustle and bustle. Featuring a 400 m² terrace, its 190 m² of floor space includes six rooms, a living room with a chimney, a dining room, a fully equipped kitchen, four bedrooms, a griddle table, an outdoor cabin, a Jacuzzi, and an outdoor pool.

A cabin-style home in Cap-Ferret

It almost goes without saying—the most sought-after traditional homes in Cap Ferret are the ones on the front lines overlooking Arcachon Bay. If they also happen to look like a chic cabin with a private stone walkway leading to the beach, they are even more in demand.

A panoramic view of the bay

This home checks all the boxes with its 130 m² of living space distributed throughout nine rooms, a large living room with a chimney, an open-plan kitchen and office nook, five bedrooms, two bathrooms, and a covered veranda that’s perfect for eating outside in the shade or out of the rain.

Life in a modern villa in the heart of Cap-Ferret

Cap-Ferret is more than just a shoreline and beaches. It is also a charming village full of busy markets, bistros, a lighthouse that is 258 steps tall, oyster farms, and the most beautiful homes for sale in Gironde.

A majestic stove for winter evenings

This set of two, 260 m² modern villas includes nine rooms, a large living room that opens up onto a secluded terrace, a kitchen with a central island, seven rooms, including one room that has its own private balcony, four bathrooms, and two parking spaces.

Located in the « 44 hectares » area in Cap-Ferret

Mention « 44 hectares » to anyone from Lège-Cap-Ferret, and they’ll know exactly what you’re talking about. In this protected natural « Triangle d’Or » region, both new and older homes meet some of the most rigorous environmental norms for luxury homes for sale in Arcachon Bay.

Located near the beaches of La Pointe

Here you can find this home, which would make for a comfortable secondary residence. Set within a landscaped lot totalling over 800 m², it offers 78 m² of living space distributed throughout four rooms, a south-east-facing living room that opens onto a terrace, three bedrooms, two bathrooms, and a cellar.

A chalet-style home in Cap-Ferret

If the amenities of modern life are your number-one priority, take a tour of this cosy and opulent home. Wood is the property’s most prominent feature, but the exterior of the house and its sophisticated interior manage to steer clear of the local folkloric style.

A private garden not overlooked

Built in 2016, this two-story home offers 170 m² of living space, eight rooms, a spacious living room with a chimney, a dining room, a fully equipped kitchen, six bedrooms, including a master suite, two bathrooms, and one pool with an adjoining terrace.

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