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A home in Corsica: a holiday home that’s ready year round

A home in Corsica: a holiday home that’s ready year round

Purchasing a house on the Isle of Beauty is a real opportunity, since owners can enjoy their Corsican homes in any season.

A home in Corsica: a holiday home that’s ready year round


Whether you’re overlooking its idyllic beaches, next to its steep mountains, or surrounded by scrubland, the Isle of Beauty is even more stunning when you can admire it from the terrace or garden of a prestigious home. Purchasing a luxury home in Corsica is all the rage right now since the island, whose inhabitants speak with a sing-song accent, is a mere five-hour yacht ride away from mainland France. In addition to the enchanting setting, the island’s gastronomy is firmly rooted in family tradition.

Between the beaches and scrubland, in Palombaggia (20137)

Right outside of Porto-Vecchio, the island’s white-sand and red-rock beaches are a favourite destination of anyone who enjoys relaxing in their own slice of heaven. Around the area, a few discreet villas can be spotted in the scrubland.

A garden planted with shrubs and a vegetable patch

This one offers a view of the sea from its 11 000 m² garden. Made up of two buildings clad in stone and wood beams, this home features a total of 528 m² spread across three floors, 12 rooms, a guesthouse, a heated outdoor pool, and an adjacent pool house.

A luxury beach hut-style home in Bonifacio (20169)

South of Cavallo Island and overlooking the Lavezzi Islands, a home built with its feet in the water seamlessly blends into its environment. This architectural masterpiece, a luxury villa in Southern Corsicawas designed by Savin Couelle in 1990 and is located right at the water’s edge.

A living room with an organic atmosphere

Built on a 1 hectare plot of land at the tip of a peninsula, the home offers 300 m² of living space split between eight rooms, including an incredible reception room and five bedrooms. It even has its own white sand beach and a place to dock a 30 m yacht.

A rare property on the cliffs above Pinarello Bay (20144)

A favourite among holiday makers in search of the great outdoors, this seaside village is nestled at the back of a beautiful, untouched bay. A few homes dot the surrounding hills, including this former sheep pen, which has now become a sprawling and charming estate.

Located a few minutes away from the most beautiful Corsican beaches

Built on 6 000 m² of land, the compound, which was originally created in 1871, includes 400 m² of living space, 8 rooms, a living room with a chimney, a dining room, 5 bedrooms, 5 bathrooms, an in-home theatre, a cellar, two stone outbuildings, and a pool with its own pool house.

A masterpiece of architectural excellence, in Ajaccio (20000)

Located four kilometres from the capital of Corsica, and a stone’s throw from the Route des Sanguinaires, a coastal highway, the minimalistic architecture of this luxury villa for sale in Ajaccio looks like it floats between an endless sky and the waves of the Mediterranean. You’ll fall for the place immediately.

A natural and calm environment

Built on a south-facing hill and surrounded by scrubland, the property’s 2 000 m² plot hides a 230 m² building at its centre. The home includes 10 rooms, a living room with a chimney, six bedrooms, five bathrooms, an independent apartment, an infinity pool, and a Jacuzzi.

The nobility of a home in Corsica, on the Gulf of Saint-Florent (20217)

In Haute-Corse, the village of Oletta is a popular destination for its rich cultural heritage, unpopulated beaches, and the elegant Marinacce Cavallacce Villa, a warm and inviting family home that dominates the landscape.

A generous hospitality

This newly restored home sits on a 1 700 m² plot of land, and the building itself offers 400 m² of living space, 12 rooms, an opulent living room, a reception space with a bar, a kitchen, 8 bedrooms, 8 bathrooms, a large office, a gaming room, and a heated pool with outbuildings.

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