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A home with a pool: the art of living poolside

A home with a pool: the art of living poolside

A key feature in certain regions, an indoor or outdoor pool is quickly turning into a new requirement for luxury home buyers.

A home with a pool: the art of living poolside


A decision to purchase a home with a pool in France is motivated by charm, prestige, and privilege and is invariably an outward-facing sign of wealth. Whether rectangular or wavy in shape, covered, or designed with an infinity edge, pools (most of which are heated so they can be enjoyed in every season) draw friends and every member of the family together around an element of the home that becomes an attraction in itself. Pools provide comfort and added value to a home.

A private pool at all costs

Whether upper-class, modern, or traditional, a home with a pool is seen as a trophy that owners love to show off—and rightly so. Pools provide the perfect alternative to the beach, which can be noisy, crowded, dirty, and lack the right facilities to ensure both privacy and comfort compared to your own private pool surrounded by beautiful tiles or a lawn and tucked away from prying eyes.

Purchasing a finished pool or building later

Purchasing a home that has a pool already or adding one after you move in isn’t a decision you should make lightly. If you plan on building, do yourself a favour and kindly turn down offers from that friend who does DIY projects on the weekends. The real professionals have extensive catalogues and designers or an engineering consultancy with the tools to turn your dreams into reality. With the right help, the sky’s the limit. You can add a pool house or a shaded, fully-equipped outdoor kitchen with an adjacent patio or barbecue grill so you can spend your afternoons in complete comfort.

An aquatic melody in Paris’ basements

Outdoor pools are enjoyed practically year-round in southern France, much to the delight of their owners! The same can be said of pools located along the Mediterranean and Basque Country coasts. Around Arcachon Bay, however, outdoor pools are much more seasonal. In regions such as Pays de Loire, Centre, Brittany, Normandy, Hauts-de-France, Grand-Est, and Savoie, the weather is less favourable. Still, homeowners have found clever work-arounds, such as a permanent shelter or a retractable roof, so they can enjoy their pools when the weather permits. Homeowners in the Paris region have come up with the best solution by far, however. Homes with pools in Paris typically have a spacious basement that lets them enjoy a swim at any time of the year with all the privacy they could want.

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