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Homes in Marnes-la-Coquette, a resort getaway in Hauts-de-Seine

Now that celebrities are opting to move into luxury homes, Marnes-la-Coquette has become a chic vacation spot in Hauts-de-Seine.

Homes in Marnes-la-Coquette, a resort getaway in Hauts-de-Seine


Located to the west of Paris between Parc de Saint-Cloud and the forests of Yvelines, this elegant city sits atop the site of the former estate of Emperor Napoleon III. For decades, its prestigious properties have caught the eye of a number of celebrities, including Johnny Hallyday, Danielle Darrieux, Maurice Chevalier, Hugues Aufray, Jacques Séguéla, and the group Daft Punk, which owns studios in the area. This Parisian suburb is also home to the sprawling Domaine Départemental du Haras de Jardy, which brings to mind the charming countryside of Normandy. Who wouldn’t dream of buying a luxury villa in Marnes-la-Coquette?

A prestigious home in the green lung of Hauts-de-Seine

The region, while idyllic, has more than its fair share of historical and architectural heritage sites. However, you won’t find local shops struggling to get by or shopping centres blighting the landscape. With ultra-fast fibre optic WIFI, residents are so comfortable in their homes that ordering premium delivery services for all kinds of goods has become the norm. The thirty-or-so owners lucky enough to have property in the area are fully aware that calm and anonymity go hand in hand. The only places you might see your neighbours outside of the tinted windows of their cars isn’t the only local restaurant or three antique shops, all of which offer sumptuous furniture, but rather along the pathways of the parks where some run on the weekends to stay in shape. Here, no effort is spared to—discreetly—make you want to purchase a luxury home in Île-de-France.

A proudly Hollywood-style property

Another celebrity who unintentionally made the town famous is the late actor Jean Marais, who was mostly known for his roles in cape and sword films, including Fantômas, The Count of Monte Cristo, and Beauty and the Beast. While he never hesitated to buy other prestigious properties in France, the home he always kept has retained its original Hollywood charm. The film industry’s favourite giant had a special place in his heart for this particular property, which is positioned so it can also be admired from the neighbouring music pavilion.

A historical home looking for a new lease on life

Located within a 5 600 m² fenced-in park and hidden from view of the neighbours, this pavilion is flanked by two wings, creating the perfect combination of French Classical architecture and English Colonial style. It is bordered by a large outdoor pool, a pool house, and a 100 m² caretaker’s home. The 340 m² of living space on the two floors of main property include a dining room, where the chandeliers and drawings capture the spirit of Jean Cocteau; a living room; an office; and six bedrooms and bathrooms. You’d be forgiven for mistaking it for a movie set.

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