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Homes in Nice: the myth of Villa Le Roc Fleuri

Even though all of Nice is a tribute to the Belle Epoque, featuring homes that symbolize the golden age of the Côte d'Azur, Villa Le Roc Fleuri is truly one of the city’s most mythical sites.

Homes in Nice: the myth of Villa Le Roc Fleuri


Against all odds, the capital of the French Riviera cultivates a truly festive atmosphere. The luxury homes for sale in Nice are a sheer delight. These palaces evoke fantasy, luxury, the rise of modern art, exoticism, and world fairs. The facades of these Côte d’Azur villas, châteaux, and palaces, such as the Negresco, the region’s equivalent of the Eiffel Tower, are decorated like wedding cakes. Their glimmering reception halls bear witness to the intense lifestyle and carefree ways of the British, American, Russian, Italian, and French aristocracy they were built for with great extravagance between the start of the 20th century and the Belle Epoque era.

New iconic properties in Nice

Set light-years away from the instantaneous of the Internet, these buildings harken back to an era when taking a trip in a convertible or even climbing into a steam-powered train was a wild, novel-worthy adventure. In Nice, the properties located along the Mediterranean coast are still prized for their idyllic, panoramic view over the Bay of Angels and the Promenade des Anglais. However, the Gairaut, Fabron, Musiciens, and Mont Boron neighbourhoods are becoming increasingly popular, and residences in the Carré d'Or are now considered to be on par with Neuilly-sur-Seine. Located in the middle of the city centre, they offer an added value through their « off-market » assets. Buyers opt for quieter areas and move into the upper floors, with a preference for south-facing apartments so they can take full advantage of the sun and a spot on the beautiful terraces.

A palace overlooking the Mediterranean

What makes the Villa Le Roc Fleuri one of the most prestigious homes for sale in Provence-Alpes-Côte d'Azur and a one-of-a-kind property is the legend that has surrounded it since 1856, when the British buyer Robert Smith purchased 22 000 m² of a plot that extended from the sea to the Basse Corniche. There, he built the neo-Mughal « Villa Smith », which was styled after Indian monuments. Ever since, this architectural curiosity has been listed as a historical monument.

A home with a view over the Bay of Angels

Hard to find a luxury home for sale in France with such a wide array of amenities! This former home of the queen’s most famous spy, Sean Connery, is located on a 5 000 m² lot and offers 1 000 m² of living space decorated in a slightly retro style. The property also includes eight bedrooms overlooking the sea and connected by an escalator, a professional kitchen, a wine cellar, a dining room, a large living room, an in-home cinema, a gym, a steam room, a spa, and two pools so you can swim year-round. Enjoy elegance and sophistication spread across six floors!

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