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Houses with gardens, the quest for an optimal quality of life

Houses with gardens, the quest for an optimal quality of life

Because today, a house with a garden has more value than in the past, these properties integrating ecology in their DNA are highly coveted.

Houses with gardens, the quest for an optimal quality of life


Already coveted before the increase of remote working, these individual dwellings, located in the city or in the country, place access to nature as one of the top priorities in real estate research. For buyers of deluxe properties, the garden is just as important as the location, the emplacement, sun exposure, view and calm. Being able to enjoy fresh air at home is now a must, thanks to houses with gardens for sale in France.

Perched on top of a Mediterranean hill, at Cap d'Ail (06320)

On the prettiest part of the French Riviera, this small town along the sea remains discreet in terms of its deluxe real estate offer—it's rare to find a contemporary property such as this one, whose park is designed by landscape architect Jean Mus.

3 levels linked by elevator 

A few minutes from Monaco, it ticks all the right boxes when it come to living well, with 3,600 m² of land, including 650 m² of livable surface comprising 14 rooms, terraces, bay windows, 10 bedrooms, 7 bathrooms, 1 private pavilion and several covered parking spaces.

For nature lovers, a house with garden in scenic Barbizon (77022)

Between Melun and Fontainebleau, the cradle of early Impressionist painters also shelters this house with garden for sale in Seine-et-Marne. Very elegant, the homestead stands on 4,500 m² of land, featuring a large terrace exposed to the south.

A perfect balance between the reception rooms and private spaces

Built on 2 levels, it offers 600 m² of living space, with 18 rooms, 1 triple reception, 2 dining rooms, 1 open kitchen, 8 bedrooms, 4 bathrooms, 1 TV room, 1 game room, 2 offices, while a pool and a gym are currently being implanted.

Inside a Napoléon III style property, in Ville-d'Avray (92410)

Because a nice garden has no price, this elegant property in the Hauts-de-Seine, located betwen the Parc de Saint-Cloud and a forest, is hidden at the heart of a private lane, inside a park of 5,354 m² and is highly coveted.

An upscale residential entity

Here there is a definite feeling of well-being for those considering its 313 m² of living surface, its outbuilding, the 9 rooms, the living room that is a continuation of the dining room, the veranda giving on 1 terrace, 5 bedrooms with 4 bathrooms, the pool and hammam.

Along the coast of the French Riviera, in Saint-Jean-Cap-Ferrat (06230)

In this coveted part of the Riviera highlighting the summits of luxury, properties rival in splendour. And when charm is compounded by the peaceful atmosphere of a seaside villa, it encourages the purchase of houses with gardens for sale in the Alpes Maritimes.

A venue favorable to intimate stays

Located in the upscale neighborhood, this villa stands on 2,300 m² of land, with 600 m² of livable space, 10 rooms, just as many bathrooms, 1 caretaker's house, 2 garages, 1 pool house and 1 outdoor pool offering a superb panorama on the Mediterranean sea.

In a 1900 house with garden, along a lake in the Vésinet (78650)

The most residential city of the Yvelines department still has a few real estate nuggets available for the most exacting buyers, such as this homestead, built at the beginning of the previous century, facing a refreshing body of water.

An English-style landscaped garden

To be discovered while strolling through its 2,661 m² landscaped park. The visit of its 600 m² begins by a double living room, 1 salon, 1 dining room, 1 fitted kitchen, 5 bedrooms, 1 wine cellar, 1 office, 2 garages, 1 sauna and 1 home cinema.

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