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Hunting estates, a passion anchored in French tradition

Anchored in a perennial tradition, French hunting estates are established on properties devoted to the discovery of a diversified animal life.

Hunting estates, a passion anchored in French tradition


Known around the world for its forests filled with game, all over France there are many hunters with licences. They are ready to crisscross protected natural spaces—from Sologne to Alsace, including Normandy or Camargue— to partake in their favorite hobby. And order to really enjoy themselves, these « Gentlemen Farmers » can visit the most handsome hunting estates for sale in France.

Change of scenery in the Berry, at Aubigny-sur-Nère (18700)

Between the hillsides of Sancerre and Sologne, landscapes are enhanced by châteaux, 16th century half-timber houses and gardens inspired by Le Nôtre. As for hunting properties in the Cher, they combine a pleasant way of life with a modern touch.

A wood and 2 ponds alongside a river

At 185 km from Paris, this property is nestled in a park of 28 hectares, sheltering 1 main mansion of 497 m², with 9 bedrooms, 1 guest house, 1 other for the caretakers, handsome outbuildings, 1 parking, 1 pool and 1 tennis court for moments of relaxation.

Inside the forest surrounding a hunting estate, in Loches (37600)

At 1h15 from Tours, the Cité Royale of Loches is teeming with historical characters that established the glory of Touraine. Here, nature lovers and hunting buffs will find the ideal setting to enjoy wildlife at leisure—boors, deer and roebucks.

A successful renovation campaign

A 19th century château stands on this estate with 240 hectares of forests. The property comprises a liveable surface of 550 m², with 20 rooms, 8 bedrooms, 1 hunting lodge, 1 caretaker's house, 1 pond, 1 pool and 1 pool house with sauna.

The quiet charm of a natural Brittany park, in Piré-Chancé (35150)

Hunting buffs, indulge in your pleasure by offering yourselves a private forest! In Brittany, the large wooded expanses of the Île-et-Vilaine department are an opportunity to be anchored, 30 km from Rennes, in this easily accessible property of 175 hectares.

An estated crossed by 2 streamlets

3 dwellings and a former stable, spanning a total surface of 255 m², have been built on this almost wild territory, appreciated by pheasants, deer and boors. Each season, you will be able to explore its endless potentials…

On 30 hectares of a Sologne hunting estate, in Vouzeron (18290)

Near the scenic châteaux of the Loire valley and its vineyards, hunting rituals are steadfast. They are part of a certain art of living and these centennial customs have shaped a region featuring some of the most handsome hunting estates in the Cher.

A pleasant homestead ready to be lived in

Located 2h from Paris and bordered with woods, meadows and wastelands, it comprises, on 2 levels, 1 main homestead with 9 rooms, 1 living room, 6 bedrooms, 3 bathrooms, 1 office, plus the traditional lodge where the hunters gather.

A Poitou-Charentes hunting ground, in Cenon-sur-Vienne (86530)

Settling down permanently on an estate of 138 hectares with woods, in this property near Chatellerault, is a choice of lifestyle. Today, it is a possibility for urbanites who dream of large spaces where prolific game awaits them.

A good quality of life, fay away from urban stress

Here one finds a 19th century château comprising 350 m² of liveable space on 3 levels, with 2 living rooms, 2 dining rooms, 13 bedrooms, 1 private apartment, 1 office, 1 library, 1 barn, 1 saddle room, 1 workshop and 1 tennis court to relax

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