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Îlot Sacré : an important real estate project in Bruxelles

Îlot Sacré : an important real estate project in Bruxelles

Still in the blueprint process, the real estate renovation of the Îlot Sacré district promises to be a very important national project, in Bruxelles.

Îlot Sacré : an important real estate project in Bruxelles

In Bruxelles, the Îlot Sacré, North of the Grand Place, is a historical district of the Belgian capital. Throughout this popular touristic rendezvous, one discovers Baroque and Art Nouveau buildings with decorated facades, recognizable by their rounded windows. Filled with trendy boutiques, restaurants and chocolatiers, its streets are undergoing a very important renovation.

An award for the real estate project of the Îlot Sacré, in Bruxelles

Implemented by the Bruxelles municipality, the DDS architectural bureau and the Galika Human Estate promoter, it has just been rewarded as the « best residential project » during the last MIPIM, International Market of Real Esate Professsionals, which took place in Cannes. A prize to honor its attempts at revitalizing a network of urban arteries registred as patrimony by Unesco.

Îlot Sacré renovated buildings - Bruxelles
Planned to become semi-public, this small place will contribute to creating conviviality in the district. © DR
Îlot Sacré - dining room - Bruxelles
Conceived to be filled with light and practical, this dining room can be transformed into a meeting room at any moment. © DR

Investing in quality of life

Creating a pedestrian network with a semi-public place, surfing on existing architecture, the area will comprise student lodgings, 3-room apartments, individual houses, shops and a conciergerie, while offering parking spots for cars and bike. Hard to resist this new urban village that is investing in an improved quality of life !

Îlot Sacré - living room - Bruxelles
Bordered by a balcony and a terrace, this large room becomes the main living space of the apartment. © DR

Apartment, duplex or two-room house, starting at 355 000 €