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Immersion in a historical château, at the heart of the National Park in the Perche

Immersion in a historical château, at the heart of the National Park in the Perche

In the landscaped Natural Park of the Perche, this 16th century castle, bordering the former Henri IV road, was the witness of historical episodes.

Crossed by the Sainte-Suzanne river, the city of Charbonnières showcases a proud white château of Troubadour architecture, a very popular Renaissance-Gothic style at the time. The legend recalls that Henri IV, recognizable thanks to his white panache, came here to hunt. Amongst its former owners, the archives also mention the names of Lafayette and the Duc de Richelieu.

The History of France, sheltered inside a château of the Perche region

Nobles of the robe or the sword lived in turn their hidden love affairs, or their moments of leisure, in this 32 hectare estate that inspired the Count of Chamois. Between Chartres and Le Mans, in the Eure-et-Loir department, it shelters stables, an orangery, a botanical hothouse and green forests.

Castle Charbonnieres - France
Between the period tapestries and the hunting trophies, this living room has welcomed important members of the royalty. © DR
Castle Charbonnieres - France
In the smoking chamber room, one must look up to enjoy the refinement of the original coffered ceiling. © DR

In this royal homestead, splendid receptions took place

This royal homestead counts no less than 20 rooms, a main living room with wood paneled walls in the Louis XV style inside which trumeaus feature canvases by the school of Watteau, a music room, a banquet room, a library, a parquet floor with star motifs forming a marquetery and stainglass windows presenting the town of  Charbonnières. There should easily be room to host all your friends…

Castle Charbonnieres - France
If this four-poster bed appears small, it's because at the time, kings slept sitting up… © DR

The luxury of château life, in all its majesty.

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