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In the Indre-et-Loire, an exceptional proprety is up for auction at €199,000

In the Indre-et-Loire, an exceptional proprety is up for auction at €199,000

There are a thousand-and-one treasures to be found in the Indre-et-Loire... such as this château, spanning more than 375 m², located in Chinon. Bidding will start at €199,000.

A property up for auction, in Chinon

This large estate in the Indre-et-Loire is up for auction. Located in Chinon, it comprises a château, an outbuilding, parks, a pool, horse stalls and a saddle room. The château, of exactly 375,28 m², notably includes a bedroom and a bathroom in a tower, on the ground floor, but aslo 4 bedrooms on the first floor, 3 bedrooms and a game room on the second floor, as well as a kitchen and a huge reception room. As for the outbuilding, it includes a small worshop and a large room. There are also horse stalls and a saddle room for a surface of 52 m², without forgetting the tree-lined parks surrounding the property, the vegetable garden, the horse parks, as well as a pool of 12X4 meters, with a wooden deck and a shelter of more than 3 m².

Château de Chinon
Spanning a surface of 375 m², the château includes 8 bedrooms. © SCP Bruno Chabert and Morgane Le Coz

Good to know

For further information, please contact the SARL ARCOLE law firm, 6 rue Dora Maar in Tours. Tel : 02 47 85 28 64.

Property in Chinon
The outbuilding includes a small workshop and a large room. © SCP Bruno Chabert and Morgane Le Coz

Good news for all those who admire handsome stones

Amongst the information to remember in terms of the property sale, it is important to add that the homestead will be sold already rented. Furthermore, visits will take place on two specific dates before the auction sale:

  1. Monday, the 10th of December 2018, at 11am.
  2. Wednesday, the 19th of December 2018, at 2pm.

Auction sale: Tuesday the 8th of January 2019

As for the actual auction sale, it will take place on Tuesday, the 8th of January, 2019 at 2:30pm, at the Palace of Justice in Tours. The starting price was set at €199,000, and in order to make a bid on this large estate, the lawyer in charge of the estate's sale will ask at the beginning of the session for a banker's check amounting to €19,000 in order to be able to make the initial bid (10% of the asking price).

Garden of the property of Chinon
The property is surrounded by parks and a large vegetable garden. © SCP Bruno Chabert and Morgane Le Coz

Good to know

The property is sold already rented, according to a lease agreed upon on the 27th of July 2010.