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The Joshua Tree House, an organic California venue

The Joshua Tree House, an organic California venue

Upstream of a sustainable trend, the Joshua Tree House is the organic dwelling of the future, inspiring Californian architects.

The Joshua Tree House, an organic California venue


In these time of sustainable, recyclable, durable and ethical sensitivity, architects are facing new challenges. While collective or private habitats are doing their best to have a minimum carbon imprint, they must also be able to blend in their environnement. Everywhere, there are many examples of integration, and it's once again from California that the latest trends come from.

Living in an organic house

Such is the stunning example of the Joshua Tree, an « Organic House » conceived by Kendrick Bangs Kellogg, in the 80s. With a liveable surface of 430 m², the 26 layered vertebras of its structure stand out in the middle of the rocks. Erected as columns, then redeployed to create a waterproof roof, they mingle with the stone formations like a spider's web in the desert.

Joshua Tree Home living room
Behind these thick walls, ultimate comfort is available and one feels totally secure. © DR
Joshua Tree Home bedroom
Admiring the skies and landscapes of the Coachella valley in California from one's bed, frankly there are worst things… © DR

Between a troglodyte house and a spatial vessel

In this space from another world, made of cement, steel and glass, there is no window, but 3 bedrooms and 4 bathrooms. Located on a hill of the Coachella valley, an area sprinkled with the houses of celebrities, light penetrates through the slits of natural materials and its walls are a robust shelter during storms. A true master piece that bonds with the eco-sphere…

Joshua Tree Home indoor pool
In keeping with the overall concept, this heated indoor pool was dug out in the rock formation. © DR

Rethinking the future of the house in the middle of nature

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