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Neo-Gothic châteaux, a historical and cultural patrimony

Neo-Gothic châteaux, a historical and cultural patrimony

As carefully preserved historic and cultural architectural patrimony, handsome Neo-Gothic châteaux reflect the saga of a blessed romantic period.

Neo-Gothic châteaux, a historical and cultural patrimony


Imagined in the United Kingdom during the middle of the 18th century, these homesteads are architectual treasures featuring Medieval shapes. Their rigorous facades and centennial stones are a testimony to an idealized romantic era. Highlighting the renewal of a trend that never really disappeared, these châteaux for sale in France are coveted by a new geneation of passionate buyers.

On an estate of ancient nobility, in Saint-Amand-Montrond (18197)

At 2h40 from Paris, this town in the Cher department borders the Berry canal,  natural sites and a strong historical patrimony, including this château built in 1879, along with a manor and outbuildings, on a 7.5 hectares plot of land.

A homestead worthy of a museum

While there is some renovation work to be done inside, the roofs of the 2 buildings are new. The liveable space spans 1,200 m² with 35 rooms, reception areas with period fireplaces, 20 bedrooms, a spiral staircase ornamented with gargoyles and a kiosque in wrought iron inside the landscaped park.

A Neo-Gothic château between land and sea, in Bayeux (14400)

This Medieval town in the Calvados counts this elegant building in its patrimony, conceived on 4 levels, with 500 m² of liveable surface and a  7,000 m² plot of land. It happens to be one of the most handsome châteaux for sale in Lower-Normandy.

A very peaceful property

Newly enhanced, it comprises 19 rooms, 1 large reception room giving out onto the garden, 12 bedrooms, 3 bathrooms, 1 kitchen, 1 office, 1 wine cellar, 1 two-car parking, 1 former chapel, 1 hunting lodge and 1 turret offering a very pleasant panorama.

A touch of Scotland inside the Finistère, in Quimper (29000)

Capital of the Pays de Cornouaille, the chief-town of the Finistere department is classified as « City of Art and History », in reference to its cultural patrimony and some of its Neo-Gothic châteaux recall those of Scotland—minus the folklore and the ghosts.

A very tasteful renovation 

Enhanced by a typical style, this estate comprises 10 hectares of land, with 500 m² of living space, including 12 rooms, 8 bedrooms reachable by taking a wooden staircase filled with majesty, 1 caretaker's house, and for those with a green thumb, 1 orchard and vegetable garden.

The rediscovered rurality of a Neo-Gothic château, in Bourges (18000)

In this Berry region, highly appreciated for its pleasant way of life, its gastronomy, its wines and its chivalric spirit going back to Medieval times, certain properties offer a privileged emplacement for buyers wishing to settle far from the city.

A park open on the Berrichon countryside

In keeping with the style of Viollet-le-Duc, this property is located on a North-South road axis, and built on a 7.74 hectares plot of land. The buildings comprise 1,350 m² of liveable space, 35 rooms and 22 bedrooms. And for those with an entrepreneurial drive, 1 hotel as well as 1 golf are nearby.

At the crossroads between the Vienne and Touraine, in Loudun (86200)

Just 2h30 by TGV from Paris, the Centre-West region of France is a blessed area to  invest in a château for sale in Aquitaine. South of Chinon, this renovated architectural treasure has preserved certain elements dating from the beginning of the 15th century.

A private alley sheltered from onlookers 

In its 500 m² you will discover 15 rooms, 1 handsome reception rea, 14 bedrooms overlooking 10.6 hectares of woods and 1 private alley totally sheltered from onlooker. Walking across its water-filled moats is a delightful way of entering this small kingdom…

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