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A neo-rustic villa in the Regional Park of the Appia Antica, right near Rome!

A neo-rustic villa in the Regional Park of the Appia Antica, right near Rome!

In Rome, the Regional Park of the Appia Antica shelters neo-rustic villas, highly coveted for their localization in a green cultural space.

A strolling destination for Romans, the Regional Park of the Appia Antica, South-East of Rome, is partly private. The site comprises gardens, houses and agricultural estates spanning 3300 hectares. It also features precious antique vestiges, such as the mausoleum of Romulus, the catacombs of Domitilla and a preserved wild fauna of rare birds, to be observed with private guides.

In the neo-rustic villas of Rome's parks

One also comes in this green space to admire superb panoramas overlooking the Roman countryside and villas with authentic cachet that lived through different eras. One of these is surrounded by a 7,000 m² park including 2 outbuildings, used as an office and for the house staff. The ensemble is enriched by an outdoor pool and a small private chapel.

Villa in Rome dining room
Very Italian, the dining room showcases several pieces of artwork whose prices will remain untold… © DR
Villa à Rome living room
Vaulted ceiling, marble fireplace, Chinese vases, the living room offers a wide array of cultural wealth. © DR

20 rooms on the edge of the Italian capital

The villa counts 20 rooms in total, on 2 levels, including 9 rooms, a living room equipped with a fireplace, a dining room, a professional kitchen, a charming patio and a library. The house also features a Home Cinéma and a Spa with fitness room, sauna, hammam and jacuzzi. All good reasons to encourage you to set down your suitcases in the Eternal City!

Villa in Rome bedroom
Furnished as in a château, the room of the owner offers a point of view on the archeological park. © DR
Villa in rome - swimmingpool
In Rome, Indian Summer allows to fully enjoy the outdoor pool during the entire back season. © DR

The marvels of the Eternal City, in the countryside

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