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Next stop : the Venetian Lagoon and its secret lofts

In Venice, the banks of the lagoon are bordered by palaces and private residences whose upper floors are home to secret loft apartments.

Venice requires no introduction. In this car-less city, the streets are lined with water-rimmed palaces and seem wholly dedicated to fun and entertainment. The landscape of « La Serenissima » has inspired film makers, writers, and painters, who have fallen in love with Saint Mark’s Square and its sun-drenched café patios. Near its tourist attractions, the city is also home to first-rate real estate secrets.

A loft with a view of the Venetian Lagoon

The city’s labyrinth of narrow local alleyways features small, out-of-the-way buildings that can only be explored by looking up to see the sun-kissed floors at the top. These spaces have been updated, combining cut stone, brick, wood, glass, and steel to form fully equipped lofts with all the modern amenities you could want. Read on to take a peek inside !

Loft Venice outside
On the private deck, art is nestled between plants. © DR
Loft Venice desk
The architect maximised every square meter of space by installing a retractable module. © DR

A triplex with a music room

Designed by architect Michael Carapetian, this 480 m² loft is arranged inside an industrial building that dates back to the end of the 19th century on the island of Guidecca. Full of carefully chosen works of art, this rare gem is laid out like a triplex with two bedrooms, a music room for private concerts, and a garden so you can throw the most beautiful parties in Venice.

Loft Venice music room
Located in the middle of the music room, the piano reflects the owners’ artistic sensibilities. © DR
Loft Venice bedroom and bathroom
On the upper floor, the well-lit bedroom features an adjoining bathroom complete with an Italian-style shower. © DR

Venice, between its gondolas and its lofts, is truly a magical city

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