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A seigneurial homestead, in the former Poitou county

In the former county of Poitou, next to the city of Poitiers, this seigneurial homestead is nestled in the middle of the woods.

It's at the end of the 15th century that one finds the first mention of this château in the archives of Grassay, a small locality, nestled in a lush setting of greenery. The Lords of the estate are the Rabault, a family from the Poitou allied to the House of France. Restored around 1850, this U-shaped construction that in no way resembled the orginal former seigneurial building still conveys a very strong impression.

Poitou, fiefdom of land-owning seigneurial families

On a hilly estate of 10 hectares, surrounded by prairies and woods softly leading to the Boivre river, the venue is anchored on a small knoll that overlooks the leafy bocage and the Deux-Sèvres valleys. In this two-level homestead with pink walls, calm is an essential asset.

Seigneurial property Poitou living room
Marble and parquet floors, colonnades, mouldings, stucoos, crystal chandelier, impressive fireplace, elegance is omnipresent in the living room. © DR
Seigneurial property Poitou dining room
Facing the park and the outdoor pool, the dining room cultivates its former cachet. © DR

The calm of a historical château

On the ground floor, the vestibule is ornamented with a neo-gothic decor and a living room with a painted ceiling as well as fireplaces that are a testimony to the opulence of the homestead. It runs into a large dining room, a small office and a a chapel showcasing period stained glass windows. As for the first floor, its hallway leads to 8 handsome bedrooms and 7 bathrooms. Just enough to welcome your large family…

Seigneurial property Poitou bedroom
Royal, the master bedroom is worthy of the famous Loire Valley châteaux. © DR

An estate for architecture and history buffs

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