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The timeless charm of a 17th century château in the Pays de la Loire

Acquiring a château in the Pays de la Loire is like investing in a timeless venue that will sustain eras and family generations.

The timeless charm of a 17th century château in the Pays de la Loire


Located between the gulf of Gascony and Brittany, this region, named after the river running through it, comprises 5 departments: Loire-Atlantique, Maine-et-Loire, Mayenne, Sarthe and Vendée where prestigious real estate is high on the list. Along the shores of the Atlantic Ocean, in its cities listed as UNESCO World Heritage or its green landscapes, there is a multitude of sites and stone landmarks built by nobles of yesteryear. Its heart balances between the 24 Heures du Man car race, the Vendée Globe challenge and the Puy du Fou theme park, around which impressive properties are revived after daring  renovations. Acquiring a château in the Pays de la Loire is akin to planting a flag atop a historical landmark, whose memory draws its roots between the Middle Age and the Renaissance.

Properties on the rise 

The geography of these territoires, with a rural and agricultural character, has led to a rise in the prices of lands around deluxe properties. It is the sign of a growing interest for a region that becomes more and more attractive over the years. Furthermore, centuries of royal presence have marked its cities and its villages with architectural monuments, not only dedicated to tourism, but also to an exceptional habitat.

Natural, cultural and patrimonial assets

Settled in a nature with a mild climate, enhanced by the wild  charm of the  Brière and Poitevin marshes, taken over by the sea, the prestigious estates are close to centennial abbeys, sometimes transformed into museums or hotels. They bear the names of legendary or pitcturesque patronyms, such as Montsoreau, Brissac, Montigny, Craon, Verney, Tourlandry, Plessis-Bouré, Patys, Montgeoffroy, Lude, La Chabotterie or Montmirail. Here you will be able to leaf through the local catalogue of  châteaux for sale in France.

On the road of leisure châteaux 

Most leisure châteaux are established around the cities of Angers, Nantes, La Roche-sur-Yon, Montaigu, Laval, Cholet, Fontenay-le-Comte, Ancenis and La Ferté-Bernard, unless the buyer wishes to acquire a château in Saumur, next to the rocky spur where the dukal palace of Anjou stands. Facing the Loire, it was in turn a royal residence, a lodging for governors, a prison, an arms depot and finally a museum. This former forteress has become the symbol confirming the high quality of life awaiting you in the Great-Western region of France.

Living in a landscape created by historical monuments

The average price of a château in the Pays de la Loire is of €1,364,108 .

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