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Villa Blauwduin, an iconic country house

Villa Blauwduin, an iconic country house

At the doors of Amsterdam, Villa Blauwduin is an iconic house built in the English countryside style.

Villa Blauwduin, an iconic country house


In the Netherlands, the village of Aerdenhout, near Amsterdam and the beaches of the North Sea, is considered as the most chic in the country because it shelters prestigious properties, such as this romantic homestead with a thatched roof, designed in the style of English manors. It was imagined by architect J. Konings, and has hosted the entire Dutch aristocracy since it was built, in 1928.

In the Amsterdam countryside, at Villa Blawduin

Entirely renovated a few years ago, no expense was speared to bring back its splendour of yesteryear in perfectly good taste Spanning 23 000 m², a surface allowing total intimacy, this grand estate, organized around a handsom fountain, comprises a garden similar to a park, a forest, vasts prairies, a garden dome and a separate building to receiving prestigious guests.

The Villa Blauwduin hallway near Amsterdam
Featuring a black and white granite tiling, the entrance hallway is a mix of brick and crystal chandeliers. © DR
The Villa Blauwduin dining room near Amsterdam
Tone on tone, the dining room wallpaper is coordinated with the blue fabric of its chairs. © DR

The discrete luxury of a homestead oriented towards nature

With a liveable surface of 760 m², the house offers 3 levels, and each one of these living space is filled with light. The main hallway leads to an Italian staircase, in marble and oakwood, the dining room has a big fireplace and the bay windows of the living room open up on the terrace, while the 5 bedrooms are furnished with elegance and let's not forget the hammam and a sun deck…

The Villa Blauwduin livingroom  near Amsterdam
Facing the fireplace or in front of the door-windows of the terrace, the living room features the great classics. © DR
The Villa Blauwduin bathroom near Amsterdam
Retro chic, the customized bathroom was designed with the most noble materials. © DR

An exclusive sanctuary, on the outskirts of Amsterdam.

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