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A visit to Argouges manor along the Calvados coast

Nestled in the Normandy countryside, Argouges manor is a beautiful example of medieval architecture located in the middle of the French department of Calvados.

Surrounded by untouched forest in the Calvados department, this medieval building, which features in a book by Gustave Flaubert, is located on the outskirts of the village of Vaux-sur-Aure, not far from Bayeux and the Normandy beaches. It is surrounded by a moat, which makes it even more peaceful, and can only be accessed via a double arch bridge and an ornate gate.

Argouges, a famous manor in Calvados

Featuring a main courtyard, this harmonious architectural complex is a listed historical monument. Its imposing façade includes Renaissance-style towers with mullioned windows supported by ornate lintels. In a sign of its illustrious past as a home for lords and ladies during the time of Louis XIII, the manor also includes several stunning outbuildings.

Manoir d'Argouges dining room
Dining beneath the exposed wood beams of this historical room offers a perfect opportunity to admire its furnishings and architecture. © DR
Manoir d'Argouges living room
This living room, which features a sumptuous chimney and a wooden alcove, is full of charm. © DR

A thoroughly authentic site

This four-floor manor offers 450 m² of living space, including 20 rooms, 10 bedrooms, and 20 chimneys featuring curved lines. The ground floor is made up of service rooms, including a dining room. The second floor offers three living rooms with exposed beams, while the third and fourth floor include the bedrooms, which are arranged around a living room featuring decorative woodwork. The perfect home for aficionados of authentic architecture !

Manoir d'Argouges
At Château d'Argouges, the space offers very large rooms. © DR

The joys of a timeless home with an illustrious past

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