airport terminals, the era of gigantism and futurism

04 Dec 2018
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12 Jul 2019
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Innovative architects and daring design, here is the stunning cocktail of terminals created for airports entering into the era of gigantism and futurism.

Terminaux d'aéroport, l'ère du gigantisme et du futurisme
With 4 runways, the Vietnamese airport of Ho Chi Minh Long Thanh will welcome 50 million passengers per year. © HCMLTA


Daxing Airport, in Peking

South of the Chinese capital, the 8 runways of the new Pekinese airport, where 8000 workers are still at the task, extend as far as the eye can see. All decked in white, its cathedral dome and streamlined atrium expect 72 million visitors per year.

 Pékin Daxing Airport Conceived to unclog the main airport of Peking, Daxing is built in the southern part of the city. © DR

Havalimani Airport, in Istanbul

To replace the saturated Ataturck aiport, Havalimani offers 6 runways and 3 terminals, bordering the Black Sea. With its fluid lines and its futuristic curves, the largest hub in the world will be able to accomodate up to 200 million passengers per year.

Havalimani Airport, in Istanbul Barely inaugurated, Havalimani proudly ranks as the largest airport in the world. © DR

Ramon Airport, in Eilat

Along the Red Sea, in Israel, and entrance door to the Southern part of Jordania, this terminal, conceived in the middle of the Neguev desert by architects Mann Shinar, welcomes 4 million passengers, taking off and landing mainly aboard low cost European flights.

Ramon Airport in Eilat Only 18 km north of the seashore resort of Eilat, Ramon will participate in making the desert blossom. © DR

Changi Airport, in Singapour

The capital-state of South-East Asia is benefitting from a new airport, specially desgined for the Airbus A380… and low cost flights. To offer distractions to passengers in transit, it shelters a cascade, a pool, a garden of bamboos and butterflies, a Spa and cinema auditoriums in 3D.

Aéroport Changi, à Singapour Compact and offering all the amenities of a city, this giant hub could very well become a permanent abode for passengers. © DR
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