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Sabrina Monte-Carlo: dream rooms for kids

In response to very specific custom orders, Sabrina Monte-Carlo is reinventing dream living spaces designed for children on the hunt for adventure.

Sabrina Monte-Carlo: dream rooms for kids


In these days of repeated lockdowns, the bedroom has become everyone’s private retreat in the home. This is even more true for young children, who seek refuge in their rooms so they can be surrounded by a familiar setting, reassuring routines, warm colours, and items designed to spark their imagination. In the luxury market, however, not many brands were operating in this segment.

New generations of customers to pamper

Promising themes that evoke the call to adventure have found their home in Monte Carlo. Sabrina Monaco Kids is opening a one-of-a-kind space dedicated to its youngest clientele—children aged 12 and under. This concept store includes a space for girls, another for boys, and a third for new-borns, all of which feature toys and colours approved by princesses and young explorers alike.

Unique and functional decor

Trained to fulfil even the most customised specifications, the team of architects and designers behind these spaces turns every dream into a reality for parents used to flying off to London or Milan to find the perfect crib. Their children can now enjoy magical bedrooms filled with beds, furniture, and accessories designed to be 100% fun.

Spark the imagination with infinitely customisable designs

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