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Master suites: Master Bedrooms’ cosy, modern retreats

Specialized in the design of master suites, Master Bedrooms transforms wood-panelled spaces into modern, luxurious havens.

Master suites: Master Bedrooms’ cosy, modern retreats


The master suite is a small, intimate paradise whose relaxing atmosphere protects the couple’s privacy and privilege. Sometimes known as a master bedroom, this room is the most elegant and spacious part of a home or apartment. This haven of peace, rest, and relaxation includes its own private bathroom and closet and offers such a level of absolute comfort that it practically functions as an independent living space.

Wood makes a comeback in the home

It is with this aim of creating a cosy environment that Master Bedrooms chooses to use wood in all its forms. In fact, wood panelling can give any bedroom a welcome touch of warmth that is equal parts designer and comforting. From the walls to the floors, the rise of environmentalism offers wood a new lease on life in the interior decorating industry when it is used in a modern way.

An even more beautiful take on a classic

Whether unfinished, rough cut, polished, matte to recreate the look of old cardboard, or built with lamps to create a soft light that blends seamlessly with the surrounding furniture, these panels are the star of the show. Naturally recycled, wood is even more valuable given that it is sustainable and transcends the trends of the day. Try it out for yourself and make it your own. You will quickly fall in love with your luxurious surroundings.

Pure beauty in the home

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