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The Scribe offers a new take on Paris’ hotel traditions

Behind its newly restored Haussmanian facade, the Scribe Hotel revisits the codes of elegance and hospitality common to Parisian hotels.

The Scribe offers a new take on Paris’ hotel traditions


This hotel never closed its doors during the lockdown! This five-star establishment located next to Opéra Garnier and Place Vendôme took full advantage of its down time, instead opting to house the teams tasked with renovating the building and writing a new chapter in its story. The Sofitel Le Scribe is a monument in the hotel industry and features a one-of-a-kind identity thanks to the work of designer Tristan Auer, who chose to break with traditional hotel layouts by turning communal areas into places of exchange.

Opulent and discreet luxury

In response to the bustling energy of the Hausmann-era department stores, it has adopted a gentleman’s club feel set off by a new touch of femininity. The hotel’s latest features combine art, a relaxed sense of sophistication with discreet luxury, a fierce determination to create a vocabulary of shapes and colours that conveys the relationship between travel and discovery, the comfort of a private residence, and the pleasure of being welcomed to an establishment that has retained its confidential feel throughout its history.

The new ambitions of a five-star hotel

High-end materials, sedately arranged furniture, coloured-glass lamps, ceramic art, and old-fashioned bakelite telephones lend the rooms styled elegance. These are just some of the ways this temporary destination signals its architectural approach, which is heavily influenced by the French way of life. At this establishment, every guest is made to feel at home.

Luxurious travel in the heart of Paris

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