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Nauu: sculptural designs and delights

As part of its collaboration with Christian Lacroix, the design brand Nauu is releasing its latest line, a boisterous array of sculptural delights.

Nauu: sculptural designs and delights


Along the Sado River in Portugal, the Nauu design agency offers its customers controlled creative exuberance. It designs and manufactures custom-made luxury furniture. The silhouettes it creates turn every piece into an object of desire that embodies values such as customisation, excellence, refinement, elegance, and especially the passion of a well-finished product. This furniture is destined to immediately become the centre of attention of any room.

Couches from stunning, aristocratic materials

Outside of the company’s home country, its collaboration with Christian Lacroix has created quite the stir in France following the release of the « Queen of Sofa » couch. This numbered and limited-edition model is made from wood, leather, velvet, and hand-painted gold leaf and azulejos, modelled after glazed ceramic tiles, depicting the portraits of queens who have hailed from the birthplace of Fado throughout its long history and legacy of craftsmanship.

Innovative techniques

Among the formal pieces in the winter/spring collection, the brand’s sculptural delights are featured in spades on high tables, coffee tables, sideboards, armoires, armchairs, chairs, and stools. By using traditional woodworking techniques, these pieces convey emotion and have a striking visual impact that meets the exacting standards of the modern day. When daring is combined with quality, the result makes for a perfect addition to your home.

Decor takes a new world by storm

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