Interior Design
Alias, the brand of designers with creations profiled in 3D

From Philippe Starck to Jasper Morrison, Alias is the favorite furniture brand of leading designers producing 3D creations.

Building a reputation on a stylistic research featuring pure lines and combos of high-tech materials, with the backing of leading designers, such is the strong idea of Alias. And with its new collection, this Italian house has once again played an essential role during the Salon del Mobile fair in Milan, and was in the spotlight during the last Design District of Rotterdam.

Alias and designers, creative rerouting in 3D

Lightness, transversality and innovation are since forever the key values that reveal the originality of its designers in a continuation of shapes and stimulation ideas. Without forgetting the constant willingness to rerout materials in a conceptual research of three-dimensional shapes to meet the new needs of domestic and communal spaces.

Alias Flow table
Zen and a tad austere, the Flow table remains very practical. © DR
Alias Zéro table and mud
To live its concept at the utmost, Oki Sato has showcased his collection on vases and large bowls. © DR

Furniture anchored around the world

From hotel lobbies to airport lounges, including upscale restaurants or meeting rooms, its furniture sometimes shows up where least expected, thanks to a production in constant evolution. Maybe your upcoming far-flung travels around the world will enable you to leaf through an Alias catalog and experience a heart-throb for its profiled furniture…

Alias Bookshelf Bookchair
Sou Fujimoto created the Bookshelf Bookchair that links books with its reader. © DR

Alias, the innovative approach of design for the home.