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André Renault : ingenious connected beds with a 40-year history

André Renault : ingenious connected beds with a 40-year history

In its campaign to reinvent the bed, André Renault has added options that accommodate our connected devices and clever features to enhance the bedroom’s decor.

Just like in the luxury hotel industry, the bed is finally undergoing a revolution at home. The headboard, base, and mattress now sport a multitude of options that can transform the bedroom into a multi-purpose space while still maintaining the decorative appeal needed for rest and relaxation. This is the philosophy of André Renault, a French company that has specialised in bedding for 40 years.

The connected beds of André Renault

This expert in all things sleep is now customising its models to meet customers’ changing needs. Its beds now come with personalised plug-in options, such as subtly built-in USB ports that can be used to charge phones and tablets as you nap or overnight, as well as discreet lighting solutions so you can read before falling asleep.

André Renault bed headboard with USB ports
Set your tablets and smartphones on the bedside tables and plug them into the USB ports located along the headboard. © DR
André Renault bed with storage bench
This chest is an extension of the bed and also doubles as a seating bench. © DR

Optimal storage space at the foot of the bed

To make organizing your room a cinch, André Renault beds are equipped with drawers that are perfect for storing blankets, pillows, and cushions. You can also opt for a bedroom storage bench. With these two options, you can save space and avoid buying bulky furniture. Flip through the home catalogue…it’s full of neat tips that will keep your bedroom looks cosy and beautiful.

André Renault bed with hidden drawer
This built-in drawer can easily store large quilts. © DR

Comfort in bed and at your fingertips