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Andreea Braescu: luminous aerial sculptures in porcelain

Emerging in the bustling universe of new creators, Roumanian Andreea Braescu has made a name for herself thanks to her luminous sculptures in porcelain.

Andreea Braescu: luminous aerial sculptures in porcelain


The new generation of designers features a hotbed of talents. It is blossoming everywhere, with as heritage an increased sensitivity for surrounding nature. Andreea Braescu, a young plastican Roumanian artist, is part of the movement with her aerial luminaries that convey a sense of harmony and freedom among those who admire her work, before actually appropriating it.

Luminous sculptures in porcelain 

Benefitting from outstanding know-how when it comes to the conception and creation of luminous sculptures, her surprising work, dedicated to pieces of large volume, offers both a functional and emotional experience. Unique, each luminary is thus created from phosphated porcelain, a fine particularly translucid ceramic, both long lasting and delicate, which has become her signature trademark.

Andreea Braescu moldings
The actual manufacturing process of the lamps begins with a very minute moulding. © DR
Andreea Braescu shaping
After the sanding and coloring process, the petals of the lamp take on a lacquered aspect. © DR

Shapes inspired by nature

Once lit up, its hand-made petals and leaves convey a warm and surrounding light. Shapes are often inspired by the perennial Gingko Biloba tree, and lamps take over the space to spread out with lightness and poetry. This up-and-coming artist thus succeeds the wager of transforming her installations into works of art, one immediately wishes to adopt…

Andreea Braescu suspensions
In a lounge or a public space, the fluidity of these luminaries is highly appreciated. © DR
Andreea Braescu living room lamp
Above the sofa in the room, the lamp offers a surprising contrast with the furniture. © DR

And the spotlight was turned on... Andreea Braescu…

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