Interior Design
The architectural visions of Laurent Champeau & Kelli Wilde

The endlessly creative duo founded by Laurent Champeau, an interior architect, and Kelli Wilde, an interior decorator, offers turn-key architectural experiences.

For design and architecture agencies, understanding and meeting the client’s requirements is the central challenge. This is something that Laurent Champeau and Kelli Wilde, two art history and decorating aficionados, understand well. The duo offers end-to-end renovation services featuring a distinctive style in which no details have been left to chance.

Step into the world of Laurent Champeau & Kelli Wilde

Alongside the space’s basic requirements, they also incorporate the essential concepts of comfort, modernity, practicality, and attention to detail, as well as an in-depth study of the home’s space, materials, and shapes, often incorporating custom furniture or pieces selected from brands that convey a certain sense of French elegance. The duo’s work also features a subtle alliance between modern and classic style.

Champeau & Wilde living room
This sparsely furnished living room showcases the panorama visible through the bay windows. © DR
Champeau & Wilde couch
Soft and comfortable materials and designs, as represented by the velvet couch and extra-wide armchairs, are emphasised in this living room. © DR

A comfortable place for hosting guests

Such is the motto of this highly creative duo, which translates the osmosis between what will be a customised room, once it is completed, and the owner. « A living space shouldn’t be sterile—nor should it be an art gallery or a stuffy museum », they explain. « It’s a warm architectural environment with discreet luxury. You should want to spend time in it and be easily able to host your guests. » We couldn’t agree more !

Champeau & Wilde bedroom
When the colour of the walls blends in with that of the bed frame, the end result is a runaway success. © DR

The French take on décor and comfort