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Arflex : reissued furniture updated with modern accents

Arflex : reissued furniture updated with modern accents

When it comes to interior decorating, vintage furniture and revivals have become a favourite mainstay among the designers featured in Arflex’s showrooms.

Arflex : reissued furniture updated with modern accents

Trends, like eras, come and go, and the furniture industry has not been spared from the vintage and neo-retro craze that’s sweeping through our home interiors—a trend that has not escaped the notice of Arflex, an Italian company founded over 70 years ago. The brand blends, breaks apart, mixes, and plays with different shapes, styles, colours, and materials, all while showcasing a few flagship pieces.

Revivals of classic pieces

Its own reissues of vintage furniture are combined with modern designs to create a world that offers both elegance and sophistication—one that is far from the rubber foam and elastic bands used originally. The Milan-based company, which created the Lady, Martingala, Fourline, Fiorenza, Lucania, Delfino, and Cubo armchairs and the Sleep-O-Matic couch, is once again hitting its stride thanks to its avant-garde designs.

Arflex Marenco sofa and chairs
The comfortable and wide-set Marenco chairs only get better with time. © DR
Arflex Elletra chairs
The Elettra chairs, whether in their vintage or current iteration, are full of modernity. © DR

Timeless designs

You’ll enjoy exploring the new versions of its Elettra, Hall, and Neptunia chairs, whose original designs date back to the 1950s. Die-hard fans will remember that the brand was the first to invent car seats with foldable backrests and removeable covers. The concept was purchased by Fiat and marked the introduction of comfort-focused design into cars. With such a rich history of innovation, you’re sure to enjoy a trip to the brand’s showrooms.

Arflex Bolto chairs
The Bolto chairs are great for chatting or sharing a meal. © DR

Vintage style and futuristic design