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Artemide, design luminaries to embellish the outdoors

Artemide, design luminaries to embellish the outdoors

Conceived for private gardens and public spaces, the new collections of Artemide luminaries embellish the outdoors.

Artemide, design luminaries to embellish the outdoors

At Artemide, collections follow each other and are constantly renewed, without ever being the same. A reference in its specialty, the Italian brand offers, amongst its 2019 Spring creations, outdoor luminaries that combine design and innovation. To create the buzz, leading names are put to contribution, and are at the origin of the most spectacular models.

Outdoor lighting for Artemide

The O series is imagined by Alejandro Aravena, the Chilian architect of the Elemental agency. Turned on or off, these sculptures form an empty circle, perfectly integrated with landscapes. For Reeds, Klaus Begasse uses the poetic image of reeds through seven monochrome LED stems of different heights, whose light spreads out on the ground as well as around the base itself.

Artemide Lighting Reeds
Like a forest of bamboos, the Reeds model, adapted as well for gardens as for terraces, disappears almost totally during the day. © DR
Artemide Lighting Piroscafo
Equipped with a polycarbonate screen, Piroscafo is very functional in green spaces to trace light paths. © DR

An outdoor sweet home ambiance

For Piroscafo, Ernesto Gismondi evokes the lighting of steamboats with an apparatus fixed on the ground, comprising a body and a base in aluminium offering both radial and directional light output. Michele de Lucchi is also in the creative running with Tolomeo that comes with hooks to blend into nature, and play the "home sweet home" effect on the outside. Here, art perceives light…

Artemide lighting Tolomeo
With its streamlined face, the timeless style of Tolomeo marks the space and adapts everywhere. © DR

Sketching a landscape of lights, beyond walls