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Bathroom mirrors, the patrimony of Maison Brot

Bathroom mirrors, the patrimony of Maison Brot

Living patrimony of Maison Brot, its ambiance mirrors are featured in the most prestigious bathrooms around the world.

Bathroom mirrors, the patrimony of Maison Brot


Indispensable element of bathroom fixtures, the enlarging mirror with lights has imposed itself as a very necessary item and certain models are even unique pieces. More than a gadget, the accessory of Maison de Miroiterie Brot, offering supreme comfort for all the face treatments and makeup, has invited itself in European palaces, then European ones, since the 30s.

Maison Brot, specialist of the bathroom mirror 

Perpetuating the tradition of craftsmanship glasswork, master bronze and glassmakers created them according to a technique and a style acquired over the centuries. The models are conceived with noble and precious materials, such as marble, wood or brass. They comprise prestigious ranges for a brand that intents to write a new page of its history.

Maison Brot Mon Beau Miroir mirror
Semi-retro, semi-futuristic, Mon Beau Miroir can be inclined in order to meet specific needs. © DR
Maison Brot Star mirror
Built as a triptych, the Star model allows to control make-up from the profile. © DR

Collections for every single instant

Brot has signed a collaboration with designer Patrick Norguet to launch the elegant Héritage v. Singular line—it was created to be in harmony with each space, powder room, entrance, salon or living room. Presented in formats meeting a wide array of desires, these very chic, very streamlined,  ambiance mirrors, thus widen their use in our habitats.

Maison Brot Héritage model mirror
In the bedroom or on the walls of the living room, models from the Héritage collection are part of the decoration. © DR

Reflections in mirrors setting forth vibrant aesthetics

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