Bisazza, the ultimate in glass mosaics

27 Jan 2021
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Italian flagship of glass mosaics, Bisazza unveils the ultimate expression of luxury through its collections dedicated to distinguished interiors.

Bisazza, l'expression ultime en mosaïque de verre
Ultra glamour and customalizable, this bathroom is one of the brand's best designs. © DR


Widely used during Antiquity, this decorative art, composed of fragments of marble, granite, enamel, glass and ceramics, gradually gave way to paint and wallpaper as a wall covering. But since the 1960s, its high resistance has enabled it to make a comeback on the facades of public, residential and commercial buildings before making its appearance in certain rooms of apartments.

Mosaics in deluxe version

An infatuation that is in the DNA of Bisazza, the most recognized Italian luxury brand in the field and world leader in the production of glass mosaics for interior decorations and exterior fittings. Its visionary approach, unique style and mastery of modern technologies interpret this material by twisting classic tastes in a contemporary way, combining fashion and design.

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No paintings on the wall, the enamel fresco is a spectacle in its own right. © DR
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In the dining room, the mosaic tiles blend into the decor. © DR

Artists revisit our walls

This avant-garde company has drawn into its fold a panel of designers, such as Tom Dixon, Romeo Gigli, Michael Graves, Jaime Hayon, Andrée Putman, Studio Job, David Rockwell, Ettore Sottsass, Patricia Urquiola and Marcel Wanders. Architects, personalities and artists who have been able to renew the genre by bringing the collections up to the top of the range, while renewing a genre that demonstrates its timelessness.

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This home office features a brilliant and elegant ambiance requiring no upkeep. © DR

Making one's interior into a private showroom

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