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Black and gold table lamps : a touch of bedside luxury

To add a touch of glamor and luxury to your bedroom, decorate your private sanctuary with a black and gold table lamp.

Black and gold table lamps : a touch of bedside luxury


Reading with a table lamp on a night stand, which is perfect for creating a cosy and softly bed ambiance, is much more enjoyable than reading with a ceiling light or floor lamp. This practical piece of furniture also enhances the room’s decor, and vintage or modern versions of the table lamp are a source of inspiration for designers.

The touch of luxury offered by a black and gold table lamp

The base and structure of the lamp reflect the codes and colours of the luxury segment, where black and gold are a must. This accessory, which plugs into the wall and can be found in the rooms of adults, teenagers, and children of reading age, should not be placed higher than 50 centimetres above the ground so that it is shoulder height and able to light the room.

table lamp black sculpted base
Featuring stands sculpted like works of art, these table lamps will add an artistic touch to your bedroom. © DR
Black table lamp decorated with Swarovski crystals or antlers
Whether you opt for a trendy lamp decorated with Swarovski crystals or a traditional one decorated with antlers, choose the look you want for your home’s most private room. © DR

Black & Gold style

Whether matte, shiny, or made out of silk or paper, the dark colour of the lamp shade and the gilded steel base will add refinement to the private spaces in your house. Bedside lamps can come in a neo-retro or an industrial style and are a tried-and-true classic of interior decorating. It’s up to you to style the Black & Gold lighting system, which is sure to give a touch of subtle glamor to your room at the end of the day.

black table lamp pineapple base
The shade of this baroque-style table lamp is both quirky and exotic. It can accommodate a variety of different sizes. © DR
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