Boca do Lobo furniture, signs of emotional experiences

22 Jul 2017
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08 Jul 2019
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By influencing trends, Boca do Lobo furniture reinforces a feeling of belonging, as during an emotional experience.

Meubles Boca do Lobo, signes d'expériences émotionnelles
Optimized down to the slightest detail, interiors also showcase the comfortable aspect. © DR


Treating each design piece like a work of art, this Portuguese brand, with each element created by master artisans, offers the very best, at the frontier of two worlds. It strives, for each collection, at making us travel to the sources of bygone pleasures, leading its clients into still unknown vistas, while exploring their own universe.

Boca do Lobo, under the sign of emotion

For that, Boca do Lobo, literally the Mouth of the Wolf, draws its inspiration from its roots, its know-how and its cultural heritage to transform tradition into pure creation, sustained by technical and stylistic innovations. A performance that designer Marco Costa carries off thanks to daring partnerships, with the complicity of glass-makers, engravers and high-end jewelers.

Boca do Lobo living room In a mix of relaxed chic, the gallery features high quality materials. © DR
Boca do Lobo Tralaho Gallery A wide array of styles intermingle in this living room to form a coherent ensemble. © DR

Flagship of luxury on a daily basis

The artist goes beyond personal standards by placing sculptural furniture at the heart of our daily lives. Thus, he explores notions of perspective and the distortion of the shapes he creates while inscribing them in the very closed club of international deluxe brands.

Boca do Lobo Project For designer Rachel Laxer, Boda do Lobo wanted fluid and easy to live lines. © DR

The new aesthetic sensations of design

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