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BoConcept: an outdoor living space that’s good for the soul

BoConcept: an outdoor living space that’s good for the soul

To help you treat yourself right, the Danish company BoConcept is releasing a new furniture range designed for outdoor living spaces.

BoConcept: an outdoor living space that’s good for the soul


The summer is the best time to thoughtfully appoint your terrace or garden. Whether you’re laying out in the sun, eating outside, lounging in the shade all afternoon, or hosting a gathering amidst starlight and candlelight, properly outfitting these spaces can create a warm and inviting setting. During the summer months, an outdoor space can quickly transform into a cosy and decadent area with just a few decorative additions.

Unique style customisations

This is the idea behind BoConcept, a brand that originates in the cold north. Its furniture, accessory, and lighting collections, which are usually designed for living rooms, dining rooms, bedrooms, and offices, are venturing outside this summer. Northern-style modular couches, recliners chairs, foldable tables, chairs, and day beds are fine-tuned by consultants to ensure everyone can find the style that meets their specific needs.

Achieving the exceptional by changing your dimensions

By adding leather, velvet, oak, walnut, chrome, steel, or custom fabric, the brand invents hotel décor that can breathe new life into renovation projects and offers practical solutions for homeowners that feature a multifunctional design that combine different materials and surfaces. So why settle for a standard outdoor space when you can enjoy a customised one?

The art of creating beautiful outdoor living spaces

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