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Carte blanche to Miles Redd, the talented New York interior designer

Carte blanche to Miles Redd, the talented New York interior designer

The New York gentry has given designer Miles Redd carte blanche to enhance its stunning living spaces with timeless aesthetics.

After starting out as artistic director for the Oscar de la Renta couture house, this antiques buff opened his design bureau in the area of NoHo, in New York. His flamboyant style and exotic interiors put him in the spotlight. Miles Redd responded very quickly to the sollicitations of all those who were attracted by his colorful decorative style.

Interior designer, the passion of New York Miles Redd

One success often leads to another. A residential complex in Miami Beach, a ranch in Wyoming, a farmhouse in the South of France, an apartment on the Upper East Side, facing Central Park, a patrician homestead in Dutchess County, a family house in Atlanta, in Georgia, there many different venues and the artist has a wide array of admirers.

Miles Redd blue living room
On a background of Mediterranean enamels, this living room features blue at the heart of its vital space. © DR
Miles Redd winter living room
Spectacular, this Winter living room takes on all its dimension under its two-tone dome. © DR

A playful and eclectic universe

Wide luminous volumes, comfortable glamour, quality materials, neo-retro ambiances similar to a « jewelry box », bright colours, here are the claims to fame of the Jet Set's darling, who cannot resist the eclectic design of this major actor on the American decoration scene. And we understand why ! No doubt that his work, combining fantasy and sophistication, would receive a standing ovation in Paris…

Miles Redd red bedroom
In this scarlet room, red is the new trendy colour ! © DR

Miles Redd, the made in New York Easy Living style.